Why my Youtube Shorts Not Getting Views

Why my Youtube Shorts Not Getting Views
Youtube Shorts

Why my Youtube Shorts Not Getting Views. To the greatest extent, YouTube Shorts help smaller, lesser-known channels.

Some advice is as follows:

  1. Select “Any” as the nation option to see results for all available videos.
  2. Type #Shorts into the search bar. Once YouTube announced Shorts, they suggested this hashtag be used by creators. Using this search query will return results that are short and vertical rather than long and horizontal.
  3. To use this hashtag, type #Shorts, click the space bar, and then follow it with the theme of your channel’s videos. This might refer to anything from seafood recipes to gardening tips to Bitcoin to Minecraft.
  4. Select “Up to 1K subscribers” as the channel filter. This makes it easier to track down works by independent creators that are popular on Shorts.
  5. Choose “Views Per Hour” from the list of available options to sort by. How popular a video or video topic is can be gauged in this way.

This search should be repeated numerous times with different time frames. Track which films have been seen the most in an hour during the past 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and more. Test out the additional filters like video category, views, and views per hour.

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Using this method, you may learn which Shorts are the most popular. You should watch entire videos that have a high hourly view count. Analyze the clip and judge it based on its visual appeal. Write down what you believe the most viewers were interested in hearing about.

Why my Youtube Shorts Not Getting Views.

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